Today's guest was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. She spent all her time growing up, through her teenage years and in to her early twenties playing basketball at the highest level in Sweden - Division 1 and the Elite series. She had her eyes set on a career in health with a possible path to become a physical therapist or something within sports medicine, but life took another turn. After studying film history at Stockholm University and working as a live music mixer, she ended up combining the two - film and sound - at Dramatiska Institutets Film School - a very exclusive school with only 15 students admitted every other year - 3 in each branch; Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Producing and Sound. A month after graduating in 1992 she decided to try her wings in Los Angeles to learn for 6 months or so. One thing lead to another and over a 100 features, two kids, a dog and Academy membership later - she is still here working as a sound editor on a variety of movies, such as Pirates of The Caribbean, Mr. and Mrs Smith, Spiderman, Transformers and now most recently Baywatch and the upcoming Chappaquiddick. She travels back to Sweden every summer, to see family and friends. Her name is Ulrika Akander.

The host is Peter Jumrukovski a World medalist, author and public speaker with the mission to help as many people as possible to achieve their dreams. For more info on him visit or

Music and production: Tobi Fanoiki

Advisor: Malick Jarboh

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