Thank you so much for listening to the I Love Success Podcast. It is because of you I get to meet with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet and share my lessons with the world. This year I had the honor of sitting down with so many incredible human beings and in this episode we bring together the best of 2021. 

You will hear from: 

Daniele Bolelli - Was Bruce Lee Happy?

From Paralyzed to Shark Tank - Ryan Chen

Overcoming Hurdles with Olympian Sarah Wells

Petia Kolibova - Attract Abundance

Break Through Limiting Beliefs - Laura Treonze

Ed Djafer - What To Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

Christopher Dedeyan - Dyslexia is a Superpower

Become Fail Proof with Alex Weber

Discipline Equals Freedom with Craig Ballantyne

The host is Peter Jumrukovski a Real Estate Agent, World medalist and Author with the mission to help at least 10 million people in 10 years to accomplish their dreams. For more information visit:

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Music and Production: Tobi Fanoiki

Advisor: Malick Jarboh

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