I am super excited for today's episode as it marks the first time having two people on the show at the same time, father and daughter, Richard and Charly Jaffe.

Richard have built and sold several companies, he is the guy who sold a company to Coca-Cola and at one point selling 6.5 billion latex gloves a year and voted Forbes Magazine’s "Best Small Company in America".

His daughter Charly have produced stories for BBC, had a Yoga school in Australia and become an†award-winning change-maker at Google.

But it's the lessons she never wanted to face that taught her the things she didn’t know how to learn. Charly focuses where most conflict begins – within.

Let’s welcome Richard and Charly Jaffe.


The host is Peter Jumrukovski a Real Estate Agent, World medalist and Author with the mission to help at least 10 million people in 10 years to accomplish their dreams. For more information visit: http://www.ilovesuccess.co

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