This week I am here with a guy with a mission that I love: to co-create CLEAN AIR, WATER, SOIL AND PEACE ON EARTH!

As with most incredible human beings there is usually more to the story. Troy Casey was on his own at 14 and ended up in juvenile hall, escaped and got caught 3 states away in Cheyenne, Wyoming. After Juvey he finished senior year and college before he traveled the world as a Versace model to cities like Milan, Tokyo, NYC, London, Paris and Miami. Of course this included a lot of Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll.

A lot of pain and adventures later Troy moved to Los Angeles and immersed himself in comedy, Vipassana meditation and other healing arts.

Let's welcome a man dedicated to put out a positive energy into the world.

Troy Casey's book #RippedAt50 - A Journey to Self Love

The host is Peter Jumrukovski a Real Estate Agent, World medalist and Author with the mission to help at least 10 million people in 10 years to accomplish their dreams. For more information visit:

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Advisor: Malick Jarboh

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